RZHRG Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities

Visiting medical and public health students provide additional support and manpower at each of the three RZHRG research sites and conduct special studies projects that may fulfill educational program requirements. Therefore, the role and set responsibilities for visiting students are largely based on the individual’s objectives. All students must complete rotations through all departments of the project.

Since the interests, extent of medical training completed, career goals, etc. varies greatly from student to student, much of your role at RZHRG will depend on your interests, motivation, flexibility and ability to see opportunities. Upon arrival, students spend time learning the project setup, getting to know the people, asking questions about where help is needed and looking for opportunities to contribute. There is no formal training besides the mandatory rotations through the departments, so your motivation, ability to work independently and learn without impeding the work process is crucial. Often there will be “projects” that have been on hold awaiting spare time or resources to pursue.

These volunteer positions are typically short term from 3 to 6 months in length. The length of a volunteer project or experience depends on the interests of the volunteer and the amount of time they are willing to commit. Overall, the students who get the most out of their volunteer visit are the ones, who arrive with a desire to learn and to contribute, are flexible and adventurous and have few preconceived ideas or expectations. Take initiative, dive in, and have fun!

How to Apply -

Please send a two page CV and cover letter with names of two references to jobs@rzhrg-mail.org.

FAQs - Volunteers

What do student volunteers receive during their time with RZHRG?

Shared accommodation with interns and other visiting students/researchers

What types of skills are most important in becoming an RZHRG student volunteer?

General RZHRG volunteer requirements are listed below.  Additional site and/or job specific requirements may also apply.

  • Pursuant of a M.P.H. or similar applicable Masters’ degree, nursing or medical degree
  • Data management/analysis experience with Access and/or SAS
  • Minimum 6-week commitment
  • Students must be able to obtain their own funding for all expenses (airfare, immunizations, living expenses, research expenses, etc.) excluding shared housing
  • French-speaking (for Rwanda)
  • Laboratory and/or medical technology experience
  • Work experience in Africa or developing country setting
  • Health or biology background

What positions are currently available?

As student volunteer positions are largely based upon an individual’s interest and a site’s specific needs at a given time, RZHRG doesn’t have a set amount of volunteer positions or specific positions looking to be filled.  If you are interested in being considered for a volunteer position, please contact us.


• RZHRG has hosted more than 120 long- and short- term trainees ranging from pre-medical undergraduates to masters, doctoral and post-doctoral level interns and fellows.

• RZHRG recruits Master's degree graduates for internships at the RZHRG sties in Kigali, Rwanda; Lusaka, Zambia; and the Copperbelt region of Zambia.

• RZHRG sites each consist of five departments: Administration; Couples' Voluntary Counseling and Testing (CVCT); Data; Medical; and Lab.