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The RZHRG Centers of Excellence (COE) team works with partners to develop protocols tailored to the individual needs of different facilities and government clinic infrastructures. Through customized training, resource-management, monitoring, evaluation and strategic-programming services, COE attendees receive a wealth of knowledge to serve them in the Couples Voluntary Counseling and Testing (CVCT) program goals. The effective implementation of CVCT requires functional training materials including procedure manuals, data recording instruments, and databases to track all levels of activity including advocacy, training and implementation.

To date, more than 25 countries have sent delegates to COE workshops at ZEHRP and PSF, and the training materials have been a key part of the education process.

ZEHRP and PSF have developed comprehensive procedure manuals for members of implementation teams, which provide clear instructions on methodology and appropriate practices. Along with the training modules, RZHRG has also developed a set of database tools to share with participants taking part in training through the COE. These database tools are customizable, allowing countries and clinics to adapt their use to standard procedures already in place. They include systems and methods for tracking CVCT service delivery; advocacy and training activities; and needs assessments. Because one size does not fit all, COE participants can modify the database tools to their specific needs.

View the ‘Couples HIV Counseling and Testing (CHCT) Intervention and Training Curriculum’ developed by RZHRG in collaboration with the CDC HERE.


• With the establishment of COE, ZEHRP has trained people from 137 different organizations around the world.

• The fundamental objective of the COE is to provide expert assistance to countries and organizations wishing to implement, manage, promote or evaluate efforts to integrate CVCT into their HIV/AIDS prevention services. The RZHRG work plan combines advocacy, education and training.

• The volume of requests for training continues to grow, as countries and organizations recognize the importance of affordable, evidence-based prevention.

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