International Fellows

Fogarty Scholars

Under the umbrella of Emory AIDS International Training and Research (AITRP), RZHRG provides support for physicians to further their education in the field of HIV/AIDS research and prevention. In Rwanda and Zambia, students attend the Distance Learning Programme of the London School of Medicine following the curriculum to obtain a Masters in Public Health. Upon completion of the program, the graduates continue to work with RZHRG as clinic doctors. Current and former AITRP participants have already begun contributing to the HIV/AIDS body of research.

USAID Higher Education

This partnership brings Emory University in Atlanta, GA, together with the Kigali Health Institute in Kigali, Rwanda, to enhance the number and capacity of laboratory technologists and scientists in Rwanda. The partnership specifically aims to evaluate current KHI training programs in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences (BLS) and identify needs in faculty development, curriculum development, teaching and research facilities and equipment. The partnership also works to identify training capacity to assess strategies for KHI faculty recruitment and retention with an emphasis on attracting Rwandan diaspora.

The partnership strives to address the potential for the KHI BLS program to create opportunities for research by reviewing current placement and responsibilities of KHI BLS alumni. Our goals include: identifying training gaps, (particularly related to research, technology, and problem solving capacity) fostering alumni support and involvement, supporting ways to assist students who are struggling financially or academically, and evaluating the KHI application/selection process, completion rate, and obstacles to graduation. The Emory University and Kigali Health Institute partnership works toward ensuring that transparency and access for women and disadvantaged students is well documented.


• RZHRG has hosted more than 120 long- and short- term trainees ranging from pre-medical undergraduates to masters, doctoral and post-doctoral level interns and fellows.

• RZHRG recruits Master's degree graduates for internships at the RZHRG sties in Kigali, Rwanda; Lusaka, Zambia; and the Copperbelt region of Zambia.

• RZHRG sites each consist of five departments: Administration; Couples' Voluntary Counseling and Testing (CVCT); Data; Medical; and Lab.